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QuickPay by Explodely solves slow payments for individuals and businesses. Sellers and Affiliates (a.k.a. Payees) can receive their paycheck up to 14 days sooner than the due date. The built-in flexibility enables Payees to be paid early, based on their current situation and on each individual paycheck.



Explodely’s QuickPay accelerates payments that can be used to reinvest back into the Payee’s business, to scale marketing, fund inventory, and grow sales teams, among other possibilities. Payees can also choose between a payment-by-payment basis if they would like to take advantage of the offering, or they can set and forget it so that every paycheck will be paid via QuickPay automatically (no need to decide each week).


Key Features:

  • Benefit from a dynamically calculated discount that will prorate based on the number of days early the Payee will be paid.
  • QuickPay offers are optional, with automatic same-day payment processing upon acceptance.
  • QuickPay payments are available to users in US ACH, eCheck (Global ACH), International wire, and check
  • QuickPay payments can even be paid via PayPal

How it Works:

Smaller and new businesses are particularly prone to cash flow issues, simply due to the money coming in and the bills that need to be paid. Medium to large businesses can experience growth issues due to lack of cash flow. The Explodely QuickPay service enables any Seller or Affiliate to accelerate the payment of a paycheck, so that they can receive some needed cash, quickly. An example of how it works:

“If a paycheck total is $2,500, the payee can receive a discounted amount of $2,412.50 in order to be paid early. This improves their cash flow, which can be critical for businesses.”

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